Ag Deals

AG Deals

Ag Deals is a full gloss catalogue delivered to Dairy Farmers, Farm Managers, Sharemilkers, and AG Contractors throughout New Zealand via NZ Rural Post. 

We work with the seasons to ensure we are presenting your product or service at exactly the right time in both full gloss print advertising and targeted online marketing campaigns to local farmers and rural contractors. 

Your individual advert will also be promoted via our partner websites and social media pages, to ensure the best return on investment for your advertising spend. 

Being a small NZ Owned business we are able to keep our prices low and our print and online distribution channels high.  

Catalogue Rates and Sizes

The half-page advert is only $1195.00 + GST

Full page advert is only $2295.00 + GST

Back Cover Full page advert is only $2999.00 (SOLD)

Double Page Spread is only $4489.00 + GST

Current Catalogue - Calving Season 2022

We are on track for over 3.2 Million calves this season. If you service the dairy industry advertising in the Calving Season 2022 Catalogue is a must. 

The Calving Season Catalogue will help our dairy farmers make informed buying decisions this season.

 The Calving Season Catalogue is delivered to Dairy Farmers and Sharemilkers throughout New Zealand prior to calving season 2022. 

In the back of the catalogue will be a Dairy NZ checklist to ensure you are well equipt for the 2022 calving season. 

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All adverts must be paid for prior to print.