A1 Kitset Homes

A1 Kit homes are the ideal option for those wanting to do as much as possible themselves. With an A1 Kit home you will run the job, taking on all the responsibility of building a new home from scratch, contracting subbies or – if you’ve got the qualifications or desire – even completing some of the building work yourself.

The A1 Kit home option can be extremely rewarding for those equipped with good project management skills, and it can prove incredibly cost-effective.

We also have an extensive network of experienced builders and trades people servicing the entire top of the South Island who work in partnership with us to provide quality building services. 

We only work alongside local suppliers and contractors who have the same philosophy as ourselves – to ensure quality and pride in our work. So when we are given charge of the build, we walk our customers through the journey, step by step. Flexibility, transparency and keeping the building process simple are key attributes that make working with our team an enjoyable experience.

We’d love to help you build your dream home whether it be in the Tasman region, West Coast, Waimate or Christchurch.