Advertising Rates for Ag Deals Digital Marketing

We keep our rates affordable without compromising reach, engagement, and conversion.

 Your digital campaign will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one Month. 

Your adverts will show on our Farmer’s Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Youtube, Stuff, The Southland Times, The Taranaki Daily News, Waikato Times, Manawatu Standard, The Marlborough Express and The Timaru Herald. 

We will drive farmers and contractors to a landing page that’s built to covert. 

A landing page is a page promoting a single product or service – that’s built to convert visitors to customers. 

On your landing page will be a story about your business, a youtube video, photos, and your contact details. Your landing page will be designed with mobile search in mind and will directly reflect your message across all our platforms. 

This allows us to track results in real-time and adjust when and if needed. 

The Results?

We are looking for results that are predictable, scalable, and sustainable.

On average you will be looking at around 500 Youtube advert views ( Watched  your entire video online )

On Facebook, we are looking for a minimum of  20k farmers and contractors looking at your advert dropping down to 800 interested parties visiting your page. 

Across the Stuff News platform, your advert will be seen over 20,000 times – with a link to your page. 

We will also implement retargeting – if someone clicks on your advert it will follow them around the internet to gain a second and third interaction with your page. 

We are looking to engage your business with over 40,000 people each month. 

On your report will be the locations of your clicks, visits to your website, and inquiries you have received as a direct result of advertising with Ag Deals.  

The Price

The price per campaign is $1498.00 – We have a minimum term of 3 Months – you will receive a progress report every 3 weeks. You can also run a deal for a Month for only $1698.00 ( Pay for your 3 Campaigns upfront and receive a 10% Discount )