About ag Deals

Ag Deals is delivered via social media and online daily – to our large and growing audience of Dairy farmers, Sharemilkers, Beef Farmers, Sheep Farmers, and lifestyle block owners.

Ag Deals is also sent out once a month via email to Ag contractors and rural earthmoving businesses. 

Our rural contractors are silage contractors, hay contractors, direct drilling, fencing contractors, spreading, logging contractors, cultivation, spraying contractors and rural earthmoving businesses.

Your online advert will reach over 35k of our own Facebook followers as well as another 510k people living and working on New Zealand farms and lifestyle blocks.

Our busiest times are between 7 pm and 10 pm  and again from 4.30 am until  8 am ( Before and after morning milking ) 

Ag Deals is backed by some of the most competent marketers and social media minds in the country – including an ex-Facebook employee. Ensuring your advert hits the target every time.

Lead Generation

On Facebook, we are looking for a minimum of  20k farmers and contractors looking at your advert – dropping down to over 400 interested farmers and ag contractors visiting your page.

 We also use retargeting – if someone clicks on your advert it will follow them around the internet to gain a second and third interaction with your landing page.

We are looking to engage your business with over 20,000 Farmers and Contractors each month. you will receive your leads and inquiries directly via phone and email.

On receiving your booking our designer will be in contact to discuss your advert content and get your campaign started. From the time of booking to your campaign being live is around 72 hours. 

Our Monthly Deals page has over 500 Farmers and contractors visiting the page every day.

The one Month campaign is $1298.00 + GST 

All Advertising is sold on a prepaid basis.