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At Coombridge Industries Ltd we strive to keep our clients happy by offering affordable, creative and great quality options.

To provide affordable products and innovative engineering services to our farming customer base throughout New Zealand.

The Agtrailer product range boasts a high level of quality and performance throughout 22 years of operation and development.

The Best Silage Trailers

silage trailer for sale NZ

Our Silage wagons are built for New Zealand Farmers.

Agtrailer Multifeed Wagons are built tough for New Zealand Farming conditions, which require larger loads, all-year round feeding, and denser, more diverse feed types. The wagons are capable of handling all feed types (e.g. silage, balage, hay, straw and veggie mix). The Agtrailer Multifeed Wagons are all fully automatic allowing the operator to focus on the terrain ahead.

The 120 cubic metre comes standard with a swivel tow eye, back gate ladder, a gearbox floor and elevator drive system. The wheels & tyres for the wagon are 400/60×22.5 W&T and can be upgraded to 500/60×22.5 W&T. It is recommended that hydraulic brakes are to be fitted for safety purposes. See below for further additional accessories.


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