Dog Boxes for sale

Dog Boxes for Sale

Our aluminum dog boxes are fully customizable.  These dog boxes can come with all the bells and whistles including, storage compartments, handrails, a divider, and twin opening doors at the rear.  A basic dog box is also available without the handrail and dry storage.

  Built out of 3mm aluminum chequer plate and with stiffeners welded below the handrail, these are sturdy enough to carry those big payloads.  Available in three sizes with plenty of customizable options so you can get your dream product!

Dog Boxes for Utes

Dog Box for Ute
Dog Crate for ute

Our Dog Boxes are built to last.

Contact Taylor Engineering, your local Southland mechanical engineers, for all your custom aluminium products. We specialise in aluminium dog boxes and aluminium toolboxes for your ute, mobile engineering repairs, on-site engineering, farm equipment repair, milk trailers and aluminium flat decks for utes. See our full range of engineering services below.

All our dog boxes come with the following optional extras:

  • Removable divider
  • Fixed divider
  • Power coating options available
  • Different style handrails
  • Different style storage compartments
  • Various styles of air vents
  • Wind Deflector
  • Different Style Latches


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