Diesel Boilers for sale

Waterware is proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

Diesel boilers are compact, powerful, virtually silent, odourless and smokeless. They are the ideal heat source for warm-water central heating systems, particularly radiator systems.
Modern diesel central heating boilers are nearly three times more efficient than the best diesel engine car. This is in terms of getting the most from a litre of fuel and in combustion gas emission.
Since 1989, Waterware has been delivering quality in all things plumbing, central heating and cooling, and bathroomware.

From the outset we’ve been supporting the market with technical and design knowledge, helping deliver solutions that are functional, intuitive and beautiful. We’re working hard to make your life easier. 

Waterware are innovator setting the pace in New Zealand with hydraulic radiant heating and cooling technology, high-performance plumbing fittings, and on-trend bathroomware.