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Fortified Steel Sheds

About Fortified Steel Sheds

Fortified Steel Sheds are a New Zealand Business that designs and sells Small Workshops. We sell a 28 sqm shed that is 7m wide by 4m. 

Because we only sell the one-sized shed this allows us to pass on the savings to you ( We are not a Franchise and have low overheads ) 

Being a non Franchised business we are not paying a markup on steel, marketing fees, franchise fees, or large rents. 

NO Resource Consent. This small workshop is ideal for Motorcycle enthusiasts, engineers, inventors, and Wood Turners. 

The framing is Axis Steel Framing with a colour steel roof and cladding. This Small Workshop has a roller door and a PA Door 

You can also add a couple of Polycarbonate roofing sheets to add more light. 

The height of this Fortified Steel Shed is 2.7 at the front dropping down to 2.5 at the rear.

Currently, the price for a small workshop is only $14,995 Plus Freight ( Limited Time – before the steel price increase ) 

Our Freight charges are $800.00 for the North Island and $1000.00 for the South Island. 

Alternatively, for added convenience, you can pay an extra $1000.00 and have your shed frames delivered as pre-made structures, ready for installation. 

This is the best option if your not keen on kitsets.

Please note that our  Shed Cladding Components are supplied over length, which means some cutting may be required to fit them perfectly to your specifications.

After receiving your payment, the lead time for our Workshops is approximately one month. 

Your fortified steel shed will be delivered in three trucks—one containing the steel framing, one carrying the roofing and cladding materials – the other with the Roller Door. 

Sorry, we don’t do larger sheds – this small workshop uses T – Rib at the front and corrugate at the sides and rear.  

We recommend you use a Builder of Roofing contractor to help build your fortified steel shed.

However, these sheds are not hard to build yourself – chances are if you are looking for a small workshop – you may have the skills required to build it yourself.

We provide you with instructions to build the small workshop. We also provide real-time phone support to make things easy for you. 

Sorry due to demand we don’t offer custom sizes – Just the size listed. 


Fortified Steel Sheds