Garden Sheds for Sale

Smith and Co Garden Sheds for sale.

Looking for a Garden Shed for your property? 

Our Garden  Sheds for sale are built with NZ Steel Framing and NZ Steel Roofing and Cladding. 

These Garden Sheds for sale are designed to last.

Depending on your location these Garden Sheds for sale are delivered as ready-made frames – you just need to attach the cladding and roofing materials.  

We have two popular Garden Shed sizes, a 6m wide by 5 meters deep and a 6 meter wide by 3 meters deep ( Link to Video ) 

This kit set garden shed for sale includes everything you need to get started excluding the foundation, wooden ply door, ply soffits, and Building paper.

The plywood and rail can be purchased from any local hardware store.

Upon receiving payment your shed will take around 4 weeks to arrive to your location. 

Internal heights of this Garden Shed For Sale: 2.4m on the low side, 2.8m on the high side. 

From the ground to the underside of the overhang of this Garden Shed For Sale it is 2.85m and the doorway height is 2.2.

Cladding Components supplied over length – cutting required.

The price for a 6m by 5m  garden shed for sale is $9995.00 and a 6m by 3m is $8995.00. 

The freight cost is $500.00 – we also sell Kitset Pole Sheds and Horse Shelters for sale

Garden Sheds for Sale

Garden Sheds for Sale

Smith and Co Farm Sheds work in the agricultural and Lifestyle market providing cost-effective and practical solutions for animal housing, feed storage, farm equipment, and Lifestyle Block Sheds for larger properties and lifestyle blocks. 

Smith and Co farm sheds are built with New Zealand steel farming and NZ Timber with NZ Steel roofing and cladding. 

Our customers come from a wide range of backgrounds including farmers, horse folk, horticulturalists/viticulturists, DIY’ers, Preschool owners, lifestyle block owners, and large section owners.

Smith and Co farm Sheds is one of the only non-franchised farm shed suppliers in New Zealand.

Smith and Co sell Pole Sheds – Lifestyle Block Sheds and Horse Shelters as well as our Garden Sheds for Sale

If you are building a lifestyle block and would like to arrange an onsite visit please contact us. 

We also have a Lifestyle Block package deal if you are setting up a lifestyle Block.