Home and Living

Unlike cramped tiny homes on wheels, or cabins lined with “fridge panels” all of our designs are stylish, low maintenance, light filled spaces with room to move including 2 and 3 bedroom options.

Our skilled team handcrafts each and every hot tub. We employ and support locally skilled craftsmen to produce our hot tubs. Our skilled team handcrafts each and every tub.

Being little not tiny means the spaces inside feel like spaces you might find in a more traditional home just in a smaller building fits almost anywhere these homes are ideal for comfortable farming accommodation.

We have 29 locations throughout NZ and create bespoke kitchens you will love to cook and entertain in. Mastercraft Kitchens is a group of 29 locally owned and operated businesses, specialising in custom kitchen design, manufacture and installation. Contact your local Mastercraft Kitchens to talk about your new home or kitchen renovation project.