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Sheds4U started in September 2012 with 1 employee, selling kitset farm sheds on TradeMe. We now have 13 shed specialists to help our client get their shed their way.

With farm sheds and – more recently – a range of livable sheds and barns, Sheds4U now employs 13 fulltime staff and has kits roaring their way across New Zealand day and night.

Seeing the internet as a massive opportunity, owner Lincoln Wallace developed a whole range of sheds, using his experience as a qualified builder to come up with points of difference that are appreciated not just by the people who buy Sheds4U kitsets, but also by the people who build them.


Top Marks – Completely satisfied with the service and back-up from Sheds4U. 

Great customer focus – a few complications during the build and all were successfully resolved by the wonderful friendly team at Sheds4U.

John Keane

Sheds 4 u - Kit Set Sheds

Kit set Pole Sheds NZ

Our Kitset Farm Sheds built for New Zealand Farmers.

What’s included in the price?

All the specified materials to erect the shell, plus the engineered structural plans for your shed or building, as well as the PS1 required for council. Interior walls, power and drainage, kitchen or bathroom finishes and the like are NOT included unless specifically requested or noted.

The following things are specifically excluded: site preparation, building and resource consents, design or supply of any amenities including water, electrical wiring, and fittings, storm or wastewater disposal, concrete or timber flooring (unless listed in the specifications) all non-specified internal fit-out of the building. Kitset Farm Sheds

How long does it take if I go ahead?

Time frames can vary depending on your site, size of the project and a lot of the time your local council, but a standard timeframe would look like 3-4 weeks plans, 4-6 weeks council, 2-4 weeks build.

What’s the process for a habitable shed?

Sheds4u will design the shell structure of your building to IL2 habitable standard plans. Those plans then need to be taken to an architect of your choosing to add the internal design specifics and E2 risk matrix for the building.

Once this is compete consent can be lodged. Please note that internal fitout materials (unless noted) are an exclusion – you can have these costed through your local merchant or by your selected builder.

Sheds4U will provide an architect if you’d like us to. Costs depend on the size of the job, and start at around $4000.00+GST

Can I change things on my quote?

Sheds4U sheds are inherently very flexible buildings, so just let us know what will work best for you or what special features you may require, and we’ll provide a custom design and quote for you. Please note though, that once your plans are finalised and changes made will be charged for.

Do you have a contractor to build the shed?

Sheds4U has builder/agents throughout NZ who are familiar with constructing our sheds, and we’ll happily put you in touch with one. But please understand that these contractors do not work for Sheds4U; they are independent and will contract directly to you.

We cannot recommend strongly enough that you do homework around the builder you choose for your project. Get references and call other clients if need be – having a happy relationship with your builder is key to getting the best result from your Sheds4U shed.

Another good tip is to have your builder there when the kit arrives, so he can check that everything is in good shape and ready to get building with.

The same applies for any third parties you’ll use for constructing your shed – plumbers, electricians et cetera. Check them out carefully beforehand, as Sheds4U cannot mediate between parties if the customer and builder 0r any other 3rd party supplier fall out.


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