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Fencepro Post drivers are the top post drivers for sale in NZ. Fencepro post drivers make fencing quicker, safer, and cheaper which is why they are the best-selling rammers available. 

They are fast, easy to use, and versatile.  The top of the range is the RB800 180-degree rotating base which can be matched to any model in the range of Fencepro post bangers.

There is a post driver for all budgets, and attachments to suit all soil types. Fencepro have the largest range of post drivers for sale on the New Zealand market which suit both fencing contractors, farmers and horticulturalists.

 Fence-Pro are world class products that are guaranteed to last and make fences quicker and safer to construct.

Post Driver for sale

post driver 4 sale
Fence Pro

Our Post Drivers are Built for new zealand fencers

The first FENCE-PRO post driver was developed by a fencing contractor who was frustrated by the limitations of the current models available. This was the start of the FENCE-PRO brand, and this new post driver quickly became popular with other contractors.

FENCE-PRO is dedicated to constantly improving the products to ensure they keep up with emerging fencing techniques. FENCE-PRO also provide both farmers and fencing contractors with reliable and easy to use post drivers which can adapt to all terrain and soil types.

The Ultra G3 is designed specifically for the professional fencing contractor. Ultra heavy duty in every way, to ensure long term durability in difficult fencing conditions such as Canterbury stones.

Consultation with professional fencing contractors and careful attention to detail has resulted in a rammer that can handle any conditions.  Computer aided design and world class manufacturing techniques ensure the rammers are assembled accurately for ease of use and long life.


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