Silage Bunkers

We offer multiple styles and sizes of bunkers to suit your specifics. This includes structures with freestanding sides, engineered so there is no need to backfill walls as support.

We also now have specially built ‘L’ walls which are shaped in this fashion to be an option in the build of bunkers as well, creating another quick and more cost-effective option.

silage bunker

Beulah services

Established in 1989 Beulah Services Ltd is synonymous with product quality and superior service. 

Striving to improve and diversify, our reputation for a high standard of concrete work has been hard-earned, and we have proven our versatility and skill by reliably servicing the needs of Residential, Farming, Commercial and Industrial customers alike. We take every opportunity to meet and exceed expectations.

Our capabilities are wide ranging – from a small slab of concrete, to driveways and paths, decorative concrete designs, garage/shed floors, house floors, cowsheds, silage bins with tilt slab construction, feed pads, industrial tilt slab buildings etc.

If you have a concrete project in mind just give us a call and we will be happy to meet you on site to discuss your requirements.

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